Artist Bio

Born and raised in Los Angeles. Started going out to the construction yard starting when he was 8 years old. Following his father build different kinds of businesses, liquor stores, laundromat, laser engraving, cabinet factory, silkscreen printing factory, and other various businesses from the ground up. Starting with trenching, leveling, plumbing, foundation, concrete, electrical, ventilation, chemical engineering, logistics, and sales. He learned how to drive and work on a forklift before he learned how to drive a car at 10 years old. This led to the development of Ben’s craftsmanship and problem solving skills. But disaster struck, his older sister Josephine, who has been battling mental health issues, and depression, commited suicide. And for almost 10 years his family has been stuck in a limbo of grief, unable to move on. But through art, he found a way out of that grief. And a motorcycle crash that permanently injured him, preventing him from doing regular construction work and that led him to go to a Ceramics Program at Cypress College. Eventually getting picked up by California College of the Arts on a full scholarship. He has committed his life to art and using art to help others who are in pain, and for others to be aware of the invisible pain of depression. Everything he makes is dedicated to his late older sister Josephine.

Artist Statement

My family has 9 suicides, that I know of and experienced directly. I want to use my art to help those who are in pain, and empower the meek. I want to give the unheard a voice. I want to show those who are suffering from depression, loneliness, fear, and anxiety, that life can be beautiful. I want to reflect and show other loss survivors, that its ok to move on, and forgive yourself

“bridge across the black hole of trauma” (Bloom, 1996). - "Trauma Theory Abbrev."